Preventing Dog-related Injuries

In 2017 Australian Institute of Health and Welfare reviewed data on hospitalisations caused by dog bites. The data identified children aged under 10 as having the highest rate of injury caused by dog bites. In children, bites mostly occur to the head. More than 70% of dog bites occur at home.

This clever video looks a dog bites from the child’s and the dog’s different view points. Hint – pay close attention to the dog’s eyes and ears.  Click here to view the video

Good training is the first step in reducing the risk of dog bites. CCKC offer a range of classes. Instructors introduce the concepts of body language and are available for advice.  For further information go to Dog Training.

Dog body language is complex, but gives you (the owner) insight into what the dog is thinking. There is a great poster, illustrated by Lili Chin, which gives some simple explanations. Click here for a copy of the poster and a range of other resources.

Click here to view the full Australian Government, Australian Institute of Health and Welfare report on Dog Related Injuries report.

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