The Cairns City Kennel Club (CCKC) grounds are also the venue for dog shows run by the Mareeba and District (MDKC), Innisfail and Atherton Tablelands Kennel Clubs.  The following rules and site plans apply to all shows held at the grounds, with the exception of the weekend of the Cairns Agricultural Show held in July.

Special rules and conditions apply to the Cairns Agricultural Show and the CCKC and MDKC shows immediately after.  These will be advised to exhibitors closed to the event date.

Click here to download a copy of the ring plan

Click here to download a copy of the camping site plan

Click here to download the Dog Show Camping Form

  • All day exhibitors must park on Quigley St.
  • The section in front of the clubhouse is reserved for exhibitors will limited mobility.
  • Please keep the end of the Quigley St and in front of the main gates clear; this area is available as a drop off zone. Temporary parking is limited to 10 minutes.
  • If you wish to have access to power, day parking with power is available within the camping area at $25 per vehicle/trailer per day. This is to be booked and prepaid via Show Manager as camping.
  • Refer to the Camping Site Plan for the location of parking areas.

There are 2 drop off zones available at the end of Quigley St or at the southern gate accessed via the camping area:

  • Parking in these areas is limited to 10 minutes.
  • All day exhibitors must then park on Quigley St unless powered day parking has been booked and prepaid.
  • Refer to the CCKC Camping Site Plan for the location of drop off zones.

In the interest of security, the Quigley St gate is locked outside of show times.

  • Access to the grounds will be from 5:00 pm on Friday afternoon.
  • The Quigley St gates will close on Friday evening at approximately 8:00 pm, later if there is a member of the club present.
  • Access to the grounds on Saturday and Sunday morning will be from 6:00 am.
  • The gates will close on Saturday night approximately one (1) hour after the completion of the show.
  • The gates will close on Sunday afternoon approximately two (2) hours after the completion of the show.

  • Gazebos can be set up in the designated gazebo set up areas within the grounds.
  • Please be mindful and respectful of other exhibitors when setting up your gazebo.
  • Leave a space of at least three (3) metres between the ring and your gazebo.
  • Keep walkways clear of trip hazards such as guy ropes and pegs.
  • Generators are not to be used within the grounds.
  • Gazebos cannot be set up in front of sheds 10, 11 or 12.
  • One (1) only 3 x 3 m gazebo can be set up in front of sheds 1 through to 9.
  • The club house veranda area is to be kept clear at all times.
  • Refer to the CCKC Ring Set Up Plan for details of where gazebos can be set up.

The assembly areas have been made as large as possible to support physical distancing and general safety.

  • Trolleys and crates cannot be left in an assembly area.
  • Only enter the assembly area when directed by the show manager.
  • The assembly areas are not a walkway to the clubhouse or toilets.
  • Do not push trolleys or walk dogs behind the writers shed.
  • Access to ring 1 is via the clubhouse veranda.
  • Refer to the CCKC Ring Set Up Plan for the location of the assembly areas and rings

The camping area is managed by the Cairns Show Association and is a shared with other users of the showground precinct. Refer to the CCKC Camping Site Plan for the location of camping areas.

Camping rules:

  • All campers must complete the Dog Show Camping Form and submit to the Show Secretary seven (7) days prior to arrival.
  • Camping is charged at $25.00 per night per site. A vehicle being a campervan, motorhome, car/ute and can be combined with a single trailer or caravan.
  • Camping is non-refundable and must be prepaid with your entry via Show Manager.
  • Access to the camping area is from 10:00 am on the Friday before the show.
  • Only camp in the approved camping areas. Note the areas available for exhibitors with limited mobility.
  • Please vacate the camping area within a reasonable timeframe at the completion of the show on Sunday.

The following additional conditions, as per the Cairns Show Association, apply:

  • Dogs are to be secured (crate, pen etc) or kept on lead at all times. Any dogs not on leads will be removed from the grounds at the expense of the person named above. All animal waste must be collected and disposed of appropriately.
  • Dump water pits are available and all wastewater hoses must be discharged directly to these dedicated dump points.
  • For compliance all camping booking forms will be passed on to the Cairns Regional Council Regulatory Compliance Department – Attention Environment Officer / Regulator.
  • Campers must not contaminate waterways, roadside gutters or stormwater drainage.
  • The Cairns Show Association is operating under a COVID Safe Venue Plan and campers agree to comply will all health safety measures in place.
  • All campers agree to leave their camp site in a clean and tidy manner, please place rubbish in the bins provided.

Failure to comply with these rules and conditions may result in an exhibitor being removed from the camping grounds and/or refused access to camping for future events. Please refer to the Dog Show Camping Form for full terms and conditions.