Ordinary General Meetings of the Cairns City Kennel Club are held on the second Monday of every second month at the clubhouse, 11 Quigley Street, Cairns from 7:00pm. The standard agenda for each meeting is:

  • General Meeting:
    • Confirmation of previous minutes
    • Business arising
    • Financial reports
    • Management Committee report
    • Dog Show Committee report
    • Dog Sports Committee report
    • General Business

If you wish to have a matter considered at a Meeting, email the club secretary 14 days prior to the meeting. The agenda, minutes of the previous meeting and other supporting documents will be distributed to members seven days prior to the meeting.

All members are welcome to attend the meeting. Any changes to meeting dates or times will be notified to members via the Club’s Facebook page.

The Dog Show and Dog Sports Committees may convene meetings at separate times. Members of these committees will be notified by the relevant Secretary.

The Club’s Annual General Meeting (AGM) is held on the last Saturday in January each year.  An official notice of the AGM and request for nominations will be distributed to all members by email.