Dog Shows, or Conformation Shows, are where pure bred dogs are judged by specialist trained judges against the specific ANKC breed standard.  All breeds have a detailed Breed Standard document which describes the dog’s appearance, characteristics, temperament, movement/gait and physical structure.  Dogs compete for titles such as best of breed, best in group and the ultimate award of Best in Show.  For a full list of Breed Standards, visit the ANKC website.

The Club runs a number of Conformation Shows through the year and is also the venue for the Innisfail and Mareeba kennel clubs’ shows.   If you are considering buying a puppy, visiting a dog show is a great way to learn about different breeds and also meet experienced handlers and breeders.

Only dogs on the Main Register with Dogs Queensland can compete in a Dog Show.  If you are unsure if your dog is eligible to compete, check with your breeder, one of the Club members or Dogs Queensland.  There is also a special class for neutered/desexed dogs.

Dog Show Updates

Show Handling Classes

The Club runs a Show Handling class every Monday evening from 7:30pm.  During the class handlers will learn how to present their dog in the show rings including stacking and moving and how to interact with the judge.  during the year special workshops are also held for new exhibitors, table writers and stewards.

Updates on Show Handling classes are posted on the Club’s Facebook page.