The purpose of Rally Obedience is to demonstrate a dog’s usefulness as a companion of mankind, not merely the dog’s ability to follow specified routines in the ring. Dogs who participate in Rally are dogs that have been trained and conditioned to compete at Novice level and in the presence of other dogs. The objective of Rally is to provide a fast-moving and motivational sport for both Handler and dog that demonstrates competency in basic Obedience exercises without the precision of the formal Obedience Classes. Dogs in Rally events should demonstrate willingness and enjoyment. To that end, Handlers may use verbal praise and encouragement of the dog on the Rally course.

All participants in the Rally Classes are required to perform the same exercises in substantially the same way so that the quality of the various performances may be compared and scored.

We regularly hold Rally-O trials and training workshops.

A copy of the rules are available on the ANKC website

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