The Cairns City Kennel Club is a not for profit organisation which brings together people in the Cairns region who share a passion for and interest in dogs. Members have the opportunity to share their interest through a range of events including dog shows, dog sports trials, training, workshops, seminars and social activities.

The Club is affiliated with the Canine Control Council of Queensland (trading as Dogs Queensland) and operates in accordance with Dogs Queensland's Rule and Code of Ethics. These are further underpinned by the Australian National Kennel Council's (ANKC) rules and regulations.

The Club is the largest all breeds and obedience kennel club in Queensland and some members have been involved in the 'dog world' for over 45 years. Our members have vast experience in canine husbandry, breeding, showing, grooming, behaviour, obedience training, agility and all aspects of canine care. Our experienced members willingly share their wealth of experience and offer specialist level advice and support.

Our History

The Club was first incorporated in 1952 by a small number of breeders living in the Cairns region.  As interest in dog showing dogs and obedience training increased so did the membership of the club.  Members recall early dog shows where there would be over 400 dogs exhibited in a day.

In 1966 the club started it's first public dog obedience training class.   A keen group of members soon established the club's obedience section and held their first Obedience Trial in 1977.

As membership numbers grew it was time to move from using public parks to our own venue.  Through the hard work and dedication of our members, the Club moved into it's current venue in 1980.  Over the years with injection of funds from various sources the Club now has one of the best facilities in Queensland.

More information about the club's diverse history is available at Club History – Cairns City Kennel Club.