The Cairns City Kennel Club recognises the outstanding efforts of individual members each year at the Club’s annual trophy presentation evening. These trophies recognise individual dog’s achievements in conformation or dog sports. In addition the Club also awards special recognition to club members who have an individual outstanding contribution to the club.

Special awards and trophies

Life Membership
Honorary Life Membership is recognized by the Cairns City Kennel Club as the highest recognition that can be awarded to a club member whose exceptional service, outstanding contribution has a provided measurable benefit to the club over an extended period of time.

Life Membership is awarded to a single member at the Club’s Annual General Meeting. Nominations are made in writing the President. For a list of recipients see Life Members.

Presidents Cup
The President’s Cup recognises an individual member’s outstanding contribution to the club in a given year.  The President’s Cup is awarded at the annual presentation evening and awarded at the discretion of the Club President.

Nice Person Certificate
The Nice Person Certificate is the Club’s way of thanking an individual for their help with club activities in a given year.  The certificates are awarded at the Club’s annual presentation evening and nominations are made in writing to the Club Secretary.

Dog Sport trophies

  • Jumping
    • Jumping Dog Novice
    • Jumping Dog Excellent
    • Jumping Dog Masters
    • Jumping Dog Open
  • Agility
    • Agility Dog Novice
    • Agility Dog Excellent
    • Agility Dog Masters
    • Agility Dog Open
  • Agility Games
    • Novice Games Dog
    • Excellent Games Dog
    • Masters Games Dog
  • Obedience
    • CCD Community Companion Dog
    • Novice Obedience
    • Open Obedience
    • Utility Obedience
    • Utility Excellent Obedience
    • 200 Obedience Score
  • Rally
    • Rally Novice
    • Rally Advanced
    • Rally Excellent
    • Rally Masters
  • Scent works
    • Scent Works Novice
    • Scent Works Advanced
  • Tracking and Track and Search
  • Tricks
  • Jody Brown Dog Sports Award

Conformation (bench) pointscore trophies

The following trophies are based on the results from the six dog CCKC shows.  To be eligible the dog must be owned or co-owned by a member of the CCKC.

  • Group One (Toys)
  • Group Two (Terriers)
  • Group Three  (Gundogs)
  • Group Four (Hounds)
  • Group Five (Working Dogs)
  • Group Six (Utility)
  • Group Seven (Non Sporting)
  • Sherry Glanville Baby Puppy Trophy
  • Loch ‘N Brae Auld Reekie Puppy Trohpy
  • Thelma Grant Memorial Trophy (Local Owner/Breeder)
  • Top Neuter Dog Trophy
  • Top Dog Trophy

Other trophies

These awards and trophies have been donated by interested members of the club and community. The rules are determined by the benefactor and the Club administers the award of the trophy.

  • Belgenbeau Belgians Obedience Award
  • Belgenbeau Belgians Conformation Award
  • Belgenbeau Belgians Conformation/Obedience Award
  • Belgenbeau Belgians Combined Award