K9 Nose Work Workshop

K9 Nose Work®  unleashes your dog’s natural ability as a hunter by providing them a safe, fun and exciting opportunity to use their amazing sense of smell to find specifically trained odours in lots of different environments. It is the very best way to build confidence and trust where they are lacking, all the while building an even greater bond, understanding and trust between you and your dog. Being able to smell is engaging the dog in the most natural way, it is proven to be a wonderful activity especially for dogs with confidence and aggression issues. You are able to work in a safe environment and your dog will build confidence by being rewarded for what he is good at. The workshop will be conducted by Marion Brand, founder of K9 Nose Time. Limited dog/handler places available.  Successful dog/handler applications will be advised by 24 November 2018. When: Saturday 1st

CCKC October Trial available on K9 Entries

Our October games and agility trials on Friday 26th and Saturday 27th are now available to enter on K9 Entries. Please advise if you spot any errors. For those people who have already sent entries via email they will be processed for you prior to the catalogue being finalised. If you wish you can of course submit them into K9 entries yourself anytime before the closing date.  For further details contract the Trial Secretary.