Cairns Ag Show 2021

In the book An Open Heart, His Holiness the Dalai Lama writes “we are all equal in our aspiration to be happy and overcome suffering” and we “must be of benefit to all, equally”. With this in mind, take time to reflect on how we can “be of benefit to all” at the dog shows this Friday, Saturday and Sunday.

A special welcome to all the exhibitors who have travelled from afar, it is great to see you here in Far North Queensland. For seasoned Ag Show exhibitors, please welcome and support our new exhibitors to this event.

Friday is Peoples’ Day at the ag show, and thousands of families come to see our beautiful dogs in action and talk to exhibitors. Our hobby is in the spotlight for the Cairns and surrounding communities so make the most of the opportunity to engage with the public.

Gates to the grounds open at 6:00 am each day. The gate will be manned on Friday by the Show Association. Please check-in via the Check In Qld app on arrival each day.

There are spaces marked for you to set up gazebos. This maximises the number of gazebos we can have on the grounds and ensures there is ample space for people to move around the grounds.

The dog show will finish mid to later Friday afternoon, but the public will still be at the show until late that night. I would not recommend you leave anything of value on the grounds on Friday.

All parking over the weekend is on Quigley St. Parking for exhibitors with limited mobility is available in the area closest to the clubhouse. All I ask is that people are respectful and considerate of others when choosing where to park.

You will see some changes to the assembly areas and rings. We’ve increased the size of the assembly areas to assist with physical distancing and increase the available shelter. We won’t be putting up the big shade sail which gives us more ring space. There are still some patches of sand on the grounds; it’s not ideal but is the first step in a long-term plan to improve the grass. I appreciate everyone’s patience and understanding.

Our dog sports team will be doing demonstrations on Wednesday and Thursday. The team will be showing off their skills in obedience, agility, rally, tricks, and scent works. It’s a very busy week for the Cairns City Kennel Club all round.

I’m looking forward to seeing you all on the weekend.


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