Special Announcement to Members

For the information of all CCKC Members,

Our members are the cornerstone of the Cairns City Kennel Club, and your welfare and safety is of paramount importance.  The global COVID-19 pandemic has presented the Club’s Management Committee and Dogs Queensland (our State governing body) with an unprecedented situation.  On the advice of Dogs Queensland, the Club has suspended ALL events and activities until 30 April 2020.

These cancelled events include:

  • Show handling classes (held on Monday evenings)
  • Obedience classes – puppy preschool, pet manners, intermediate and advanced classes (held on Tuesday evenings)
  • Flyball training (held on Wednesday evenings)
  • Advanced competition and obedience training (held on Thursday evenings)
  • K9 Scent Games training (held on Friday evenings and Saturday mornings)
  • Advanced Competition Agility Training (held Sunday afternoons)
  • Show Writers Training scheduled for Saturday, 21 March
  • The show handling class and social dinner scheduled for Saturday, 4 April
  • The obedience, rally obedience, agility, jumping and agility games trial scheduled for the weekend of 24 – 26 April
  • All club meetings – the general meeting scheduled for Monday, 6 April, Obedience Committee meetings and any other meeting.  Meetings may however be held via teleconference.
  • Any other activity, event, training session, workshops, seminars or meetings not listed above which are normally run by the Club or held at the Club grounds.

Although slightly past the 30 April, the Club has cancelled the planned conformation shows scheduled for 2 – 4 May 2020.  Anyone who has entered via Show Manager will be able to obtain a refund online.  For enquires, please contact the Show Secretary via email: shows.cckc@gmail.com

People who have enrolled in Obedience Classes (held on Tuesday evenings) will not forfeit your class fees.  When the Club restarts classes the credit will be used for you to be able to continue your training.  Our instructors are looking at posting some training tips on our Facebook page – so keep an eye out for these.  If you have any questions please contact the Head Instructor via email on obedience.cckc@gmail.com

If you have entered the obedience, rally obedience, agility, jumping and agility games trial scheduled for the weekend of 24 – 26 April, please direct your enquiries to the trial secretary via email: trial.secretary.cckc@gmail.com

The Management Committee will continue to monitor the situation and work closely with Dogs Queensland and local health authorities.  The Dogs Queensland Board are expected to meet again on 22 April and provide a further update to affiliated clubs. Notification to members about any other changes will be provided on the Club’s Facebook page, website and via email.

Members who were planning to attend events held by other clubs will need to liaise directly with these organisations regarding those events.

Click here to view a copy of the Dogs Queensland announcement.

Further information about Coronavirus (COVID-19) is available from Queensland Health.

We will also ensure the grounds are maintained and kept clean and ready for our return to business as usual.  If you have any personal property at the clubhouse which you want to collect, please contact me by return email to arrange a suitable time.

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