The Pet Manners dog training program is a great all round program for dogs 5 months of age. Handlers learn the key training tools for developing a great working relationship with their canine family member. Some key topics covered are principles of positive reinforcement dog training techniques, lead handling skills, managing interaction with other dog and developing focus through engagement and communication.

At the successful completion of the Pet Manners dog training program, handlers and their dogs will be assessed and may elect to continue to the Intermediate level program.

Duration and time

Total of 7 session, the first session is orientation for handlers only (please leave your puppy at home), followed by 6 session of instructor led training with your dog.  Total duration is 7 weeks.  


Enrolment is every 6 weeks (see Orientation Dates below). Places are limited so registration and prepayment is required.

What to bring

  • Flat collar or Halti/Gentle Leader.
  • Sturdy lead (approximately 1.5m).
  • Treat pouch or bum-bag which allows easy access to treats during training.
  • Lots of small, moist, easy to swallow yummy treats about the size of your small fingertip (e.g. sausage, cheese).
  • Bring a container with extra treats to refill your treat pouch when needed.
  • A mat large enough for your dog to lie on completely.


  • $100 plus club membership.
  • Membership fees: $15 single, $20 double.

2022 Orientation Dates:

  • 15 March
  • 26 April
  • 7 June
  • 26 July
  • 6 September
  • 18 October

Further Information

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