After successful completion of Puppy Preschool or Pet Manners, handlers and their dogs further refine their techniques in loose lead walking, heel work, building skills in stays and consistent recalls. The objective is that dogs will perform these skills consistently and reliably, even to the stage of successfully doing an off-lead recall.

Each dog will be assessed and if successful will be awarded a Level 3 Certificate. Cairns Regional Council applies a discount to dog registration fees for dogs that have obtained a Level 3 Certificate.

At the successful completion of the intermediate dog training program, handlers and their dogs may elect to continue to the Advanced level program.


Up to 8 sessions.  The length of time in the program is dependent on each dog and handler’s individual ability. Each session is 1 hour.

Course dates and times

The Club runs dog training classes every Tuesday evening from February to November at 7pm.  Monthly enrolment occurs on the last Tuesday of the month. Places are limited so preregistration is required.

What to bring

  • Flat collar or Halti/Gentle Leader.
  • Sturdy lead (approximately 1.5m).
  • Treat pouch or bum-bag which allows easy access to treats during training.
  • Lots of small, moist, easy to swallow yummy treats about the size of your small fingertip (e.g. sausage, cheese). Bring a container with extra treats to refill your treat pouch when needed.
  • A mat large enough for your dog to lie on completely.


CCKC members: $80 for a 6 week training block.

Non members: $95 for a 6 week training block including single membership. $100 for a 6 week training block including double membership.

Further Information

Click here to register dog obedience training classes.

Download a copy of the CCKC Dog Training brochure

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