2019 Cairns Ag Show

The Cairns Show, on Friday 19 July, comes with some unique challenges because of the high number of spectators.  All exhibitors are reminded of the following special arrangements for this day.

General matters:

  • Smoking is only permitted in designated smoking areas.
  • No alcohol. The show grounds are a licensed venue and alcohol can only be consumed at the licensed bars.
  • Judging will be suspended from 12pm to 1pm for the agility demonstration.
  • Numbers and pass out stamps will be issued on entry.
  • Please do not enter the assembly area until the previous group has vacated and your group is called. There is ample time between groups.
  • Dogs are not permitted in the club house or canteen at any time.

Trolley space and gazebos:
So that the general public and exhibitors have ample room to move around the grounds on the day, there are restrictions on trolley parking and where gazebos can be set up.

  • A limit of one (1) 3m x 3m gazebo in front of sheds.
  • Gazebos are not permitted in front of sheds 10 and 11.
  • Gazebos can only be set up in the green Gazebo Zones. These areas will be clearly marked. There is sufficient space for up to 16 gazebos.
Cairns Show 2019

Gazebo zones for the 2019 Cairns Show

  • On the veranda, no trolley parking between the park benches and the rings.
  • If using the veranda area, please ensure other exhibitors have access to an appropriate amount of space.
Cairns Show 2019

Veranda set up for the 2019 Cairns Show


Camping is not not permitted within the show grounds precinct, which includes the CCKC grounds, on Thursday night.  Camping is only permitted in the designated camping area and must be booked and paid through the Cairns Show Association.


  • Quigley St is busy with pedestrians and exhibitors with cattle, caged birds and goats. Please be patient, drive carefully and respect other exhibitors and the public.
  • The end of Quigley St is not a drop off zone nor is it to be used for temporary parking. The area must  be kept clear to access the garbage skips and the generator.

Access to grounds:

  • The gate next to the Club House on Quigley St is the designated entry point for dog show exhibitors.
  • People camping can only access the grounds via the Quigley St entrance.
  • Gates will be open from 9pm on Thursday evening for exhibitors to set up gazebos.
  • Gates will open at 6:30am on Friday morning

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