Meet our instructors

One of the club’s greatest assets are its team of dedicated instructors. They don’t just talk the talk, they walk the walk. All our instructors successfully compete in dog sports and perform at a very high level, some winning state and national titles.

Our instructors constantly further their knowledge by attending seminars and workshops conducted by Australian and International presenters. We strive to bring you the latest training methods which allow you to develop an enjoyable and long lasting relationship with your canine partner. A relationship built on trust which produces a confident dog capable of solving problems and adapting to different situations and environments.

As you can see from the variety of dogs our instructors work and compete with, there is a sport for every dog to learn and enjoy.

Andrea – Head Instructor

Andrea is passionate about dog training and getting others involved in dog sports. Andrea has trained dogs since she was a teenager, and joined the club 15 years ago. With her English Bullterrier, Luna, Andrea has trialled successfully in obedience and agility. Andrea now competes with her Belgian Malinois, Shelby, and have posted some awesome performances in obedience and agility. Shelby became State Obedience Champion in 2017. Andrea is constantly striving to improve her knowledge in dog training and behaviour and has attended seminars with a range of Australian and International presenters. Andrea is currently training to become a Rally Obedience judge.

Glenn – Obedience Instructor (intermediate and advanced level)

Glenn has been an obedience Instructor with the Club for over 20 years guiding many dog owners to a better behaved dog. Glenn has competed with Standard Poodles in obedience, where he has achieved the highest level UD. He is also regularly competing in agility. Glenn is an ANKC accredited obedience and agility judge. His experience is vast and Glenn goes out of his way to help and support newcomers.

Tricia – Agility Coach

Tricia has been an active member of the club for many years and is also an Obedience Judge. Tricia has earned UD obedience title with her beloved Cody. She now competes in obedience with her Kelpie, Chilli and also in agility with her Working Border Collie, Cue. Tricia is a brilliant agility trainer and is teaching us the latest Susan Garrett Handling 360 system. She is only too happy to help novice and advanced handlers in our agility classes. We credit Tricia and her tireless efforts in fine tuning our skills with the success of our team in agility.

Jean – Puppy Preschool instructor

Jean has been instrumental in setting up the best Puppy Pre-school class in FNQ. Jean has many years experience in training dogs, first training boxers and now her whippets. With Rip and Mac, Jean has achieved a number of titles in obedience, Rally obedience and agility. Her knowledge in puppy training, dog behavior and her incredible patience and genuine care for animals make her an invaluable member of our team.

Lisa – Puppy Preschool instructor

Lisa has been taking our puppy pre-school for over 5 years and has a profound understanding of dog training. Her classes are brilliant, just ask anybody on the grounds who started off training with Lisa. Lisa is always willing to put in the extra mile and is helping out her handlers in all matters of dog relations at home. Lisa is competing with her stunning Hungarian Viszla, Riley, in both obedience and agility.

Wayne – Obedience Instructor (intermediate level)

Wayne is taking dog and handler teams through intermediate level obedience teaching the skills necessary to undertake the level 3 Certificate test.  Wayne and his Jack Russell terrier, Jools competed in both, obedience and agility, and in this discipline reached the highest level.  Wayne now has the cheeky and very cute Jimmy and when they're not in the conformation show ring, they are training to compete in agility and obedience. Wayne loves the sport but enjoys it with the laid back attitude that allows his dog to have fun and not take it too seriously.

Silke – Obedience Instructor (advanced level)

Silke is a highly decorated obedience and tracking competitor, having achieved Championship titles with both her dogs, German Shepherd Ellie, and Belgian Shepherd Malinois, Aska. Silke works extremely hard and it shows in the quality of her work. Silke’s classes are for our advanced handlers who have completed level 3 and would like to continue working with their dogs. Silke always comes up with new fun ideas, challenging dog and handler teams.

Karen – Pet Manners Instructor

Karen takes Pet Manners Class. Karen is very enthusiastic about dog training and competing in agility and obedience. With her young Labrador, Cleo, Karen achieved titles in both disciplines and shows that you can do well in both sports. Karen will go out of her way to help you establish a great working relationship with your dog, to be working as a team.

Amber – Pet Manners Instructor

Amber is a valuable member of our obedience team. Amber enjoys helping other handlers develop sound foundations in team work with their dogs. Amber is a very successful handler and has had incredible success with her Border Collie, Diva. Amber and Diva are one of our most decorated agility teams and are well on their way towards the Agility Championship title. Amber teaches what she practices herself. Amber works very hard and with her new puppy, Tootsie, Amber is bound to continue her success in the trial ring.

Jess – Puppy Preschool Instructor

Jess absolutely loves working in her puppy pre-school class and helping handlers establishing a rewarding working relationship with their young canine partners. Jess has German Shepherds and also regularly shows her dogs in conformation shows.

Annette – Puppy Preschool Instructor

Annette is an experienced dog trainer and is happy to share her knowledge with her puppy handlers. Annette will do anything to help her class participants get the most out of the learning experience. Her aim is to give everyone a good foundation on which to build solid skills and gain a good understanding of dog training. Annette and her stunning working line German Shepherd, Ace, compete in obedience and tracking.