The Cairns City Kennel Club is run by a team of dedicated volunteers all of whom share their personal expertise to ensure the effective management and operation of the club.

Election of all office bearers and committee members occurs at the Club's Annual General Meeting held on the last Saturday of January each year. The Committee members for 2021 are listed below.

Office Bearers

President: Gordon Mayne
Senior Vice President: Glenn Best
Junior Vice President: Mark Mills
Secretary: Kerry Frame
Treasurer: Linda Halliwell

Conformation Show (Bench) Committee

Show Secretary: Lesley Halliwell
Treasurer: Linda Halliwell
Committee: Sharon Shone, Darrin Grimes, Kerrie Kidner, Nick Hill-Murrary, Caroline Hill Murrary, Alicia Gobus, Fiona Green, Sandra Standley, Bruce Graham, Wendy Graham, Valarie Willmett
Steward Trophy: Pat James

Obedience (Dog Sports) Committee

Head Instructor: Andrea Wohulter
Treasurer: Trish Williams
Trial Secretary: Jean Wilkinson
Committee: Silke Weyland, Annette Wooley, Marilyn McKee, Meade Oswald, Wayne Smith, Glenn Best, Amber Morey
Event Coordinator: Andrea Wohulter


Patron: Ian Allen, Ley James
Maintenance Officer: Brad Dinsey
Librarian: Marilyn McKee
Supply Officer: Mark Mills
Grounds person: Glenn Best
Publicity Officer: Gordon Mayne