The Queensland Government have further eased COVID-19 restrictions  as part of the Roadmap to easing restrictions.

What do we need to do at CCKC:

  • Physical distancing – stay 1.5 metres apart
  • Maintain good hygiene practices – frequent handwashing/sanitising
  • Maintain daily cleaning of common areas including toilets
  • Do not come to any club activity if you are unwell. Stay at home and consult your local GP
  • Comply with the capacity limits for indoor spaces (clubhouse etc)
  • Buffets or self service food platters are not permitted
  • Camping approval forms must be completed if camping at an event
  • Mouthing (showing teeth) must be done by the handler
  • Shaking of hands should be avoided.

Some things that we no longer have to do:

  • No need to sign in/check in on arrival
  • No restrictions on camping
  • No requirement for event check lists
  • A COVID Coordinator and dedicated event First Officer is no longer mandatory.

Additional information is available at Dogs Queensland.

Updated: 26/04/2021